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How it works


Ask your Affiliate Rewards Coordinator (HR representative or benefits coordinator) for your Company Code.


Sign in to get two Control Numbers (discount codes) each calendar year.


Visit a dealership or the FCA US Brand vehicle E-Shop and unlock savings on a new vehicle!

AM i eligible?

Current or retired employees of select FCA US LLC partner, supplier and member companies are eligible for the Affiliate Rewards program. To determine if you are employed at an eligible company, enter your company name in the box below and select your company from the list.

Congratulations! You’re eligible to save with Affiliate Rewards. To sign up, request your Company Code from your company’s Affiliate Rewards Coordinator—usually an HR representative or benefits coordinator.
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Preferred Pricing

With the Affiliate Rewards program, you pay the Affiliate Rewards Preferred Price: 1% below dealer invoice. The dealer invoice is the amount the dealer paid for the vehicle, so this amounts to hundreds off the dealer invoice and even more off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). To see the Affiliate Rewards Preferred Price for a specific vehicle, ask at the dealership to see the vehicle invoice, which lists the Preferred Price as “PP.” To ensure you are receiving the Preferred Price, the dealership will complete an Affiliate Rewards Pricing & Acknowledgement form when you purchase or lease the vehicle. This form itemizes the vehicle price and any additional eligible incentives for your vehicle. The bottom of the form contains a space for your Control Number and signature. The dealership will give you a copy of the form once it is completed.

Save Even More!

You can apply current incentives and rebates to your Affiliate Rewards Preferred Price for even bigger savings! Below, you’ll see the national sales events going on now. For more information, call 1.888.444.4321 and press 1 to be transferred to the Incentives Hotline, or contact your local dealership.